Monday, September 12, 2011

September 10 - 14

September 10 – 14


We took a plane from Barcelona to Milan, Italy, rented a car for the drive to Cinque Terre. Our Volkswagon Golf I reserved wasn’t available so they had a Nissan ? something or other for us. As Jamie was loading the suitcases we noticed a flat tire, so now we have a Peugot wagon. It floats along on the highway:

Mario Andretti:

We went from farm land to mountains:

… and then back down to the sea:

The road into the Cinque Terre towns is a little narrow:

… but when we rounded the last corner it made it all worth while. There was Corniglia:

We are enjoying great food, Sandra a Karman are hiking, Jamie and I are “beaching”.

The gardens around town are all built on the terraces. Our landlord Lydia brought us a bag full of tomatoes, zucchini and basil this morning.

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