Sunday, September 11, 2011

Barcelona –
After delayed planes we arrived in Barcelona at midnight. We have a lovely “little” apartment at the top of the fifth floor, a whooping 95 steps, with no elevator to our place. (Later we would be thankful for those steps, which we repeated several times a day).
Our street:

Our first site seeing stop was Sagrada Famalia, Antonio Gaudi’s church:

Apartment in Barcelona that Gaudi built:

Day 2 we toured the house Gaudi built for the Guell family:

One of the ceilings

Rooftop chimneys, there are 8 and each one is unique:

No, Jamie is not on the phone, she is listening to the history of the house:

Day 2 and we are still waiting for Karman’s luggage, which arrived at 11:30 pm. At least he knew to pack an extra shirt and shorts.

Day 3 we wandered around the area and took a ride on the “hop on hop off” bus.

Last day, Day 4 and we did our own transportation riding city buses, subways and trams. We crossed the city to Guell Park:

And yes, we hiked all the way up from the bottom of the street to here:

Thankyou 95 steps.

I did it:

Karman really wanted to see this church in the distance, so we took a bus, tram ride to get there, along with a half hour hike:

Jamie and I hiked up “a lot of steps, we quit counting” and stood just under his feet.

Then we took the subway, bus and tram back to the ocean and rode a cable car across the bay to the beach:

On to Italy!!

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