Monday, May 3, 2010


Wow, it is just unbelievable, overwhelming, so much to see in such a short stay. We have been on the go steady from early in the morning until late at night trying to see as many sites as possible. We've been on a few bus tours which take you around the city, much like Barcelona. You can hop on or off anytime to go into the points of interest.

Food deserves a post all by itself. So.... good, we don't miss many meals.

And then there is the Louvre. You really need to spend a week here to take it all in.

I know you won't feel sorry for us, but the temperatures have gone from 28 degrees in Arles to about 4 to 8 degrees today. Here were the two Babushkas on the bus ride yesterday.

Dinner tonight at the restaurant around the corner


  1. OMG...the food slideshow is making my mouth water!!! The pastries and the delicious! Is Kathy keeping a food journal? I love the picture of you and mom wrapped up in your scarves :-) The pictures just keep getting better and better. Happy Eating!! Nicole

  2. You guys look fantastic, Paris suits you, even bundled up like Babushkas! I think I need to go back to France...right now! xoxo, L&C.

  3. i look forward to your blog everyday, looks like you'll have lots of stories when you return! pictures are awesome!