Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Au Revoir Paris

Today we used our Eurorail pass and took the train out to Versailles Palace. The pictures don't capture anything at all how enormous the palace and grounds encompass. "Ornate" there isn't a spot on the building, wall or ceiling that isn't covered in decor of that period in time.

On the way back I hopped off the train on my own to walk down the Champs Elysees, just to see all the high end stores. $$$$$, no I didn't buy anyone something from that street. From there I had to figure out which Metro (subway) to catch, transfer to and get off at so I could arrive back at our hotel. I happy to report I made it!!

When I was transferring at one of the major connection, deep down in the bowels of the earth there was an impromptu orchestra playing. The sound was incredible as it echoed through the tunnels down there. I stood and enjoyed for a while.

Tomorrow we are back on the fast train to London. Bonne nuit.

p.s. Happy Birthday to Theresa. Laurie brought you and all our Wednesday lunch friends along with us. Here you are looking out our Paris window from the hotel.


  1. love it! thats awesome!
    my mom is enjoying your blog, too!

  2. We are just like the Travelocity gnome!! Glad to hear that you girls are having a great time. We will cheer you at Theresa's 50th Birthday lunch! See you soon. Renee