Thursday, April 29, 2010

Avignon and area

This morning we got out of the gate early and took a van tour of the area. We visited Pont du Gard.

Les Baux de Provence

Came back to Arles at noon, had a bite to eat and then caught the train to Avignon. We did our own tour of the town cruising the streets and shops, then went into the the Palais des Papes and realized we didn't allow enough time for such an historic church and palace. Absolutely stunning. Such history.

Every door in this country is unique:

and so is every door knocker:

Tomorrow will be another full day as we take the train down to Marseille in the south of France along the Mediterranean Sea. And no, we haven't taken the fast train yet Chris, but they sure zip along pretty good right now. Saturday on the way to Paris will be the fast train. Wish I had your movie camera for that one.


  1. great pictures! it was sure good to hear your voices yesterday!

  2. Everything looks so amazingly beautiful. I'll take a loaf of every bread in that store please hahhahahaha...Nicole

  3. Yes, how about those knockers Joan! Love the pictures, a nice portfolio you have.

  4. Joan, you are taking some great photos...I can't wait to see the ones from Marseille's. On another note, tell Yaya that Chloe is wildly screeching at all her dollies, has started sucking her thumb because she misses gramma and will probably be walking in 2 weeks :)

  5. Hi to all! Adam was here for lunch yesterday and hooked me up on this fantastic blog...Wonderful blog Joan! Really enjoying the beautiful photos, etc. Looking forward to seeing Paris again through your eyes...Have fun - Rita Peterson (Laurie's sister)